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2017 Fall Agenda
2017 Winter Agenda
2016 Winter Agenda
Minutes (Draft)
Meeting Presentations
Briefing Book (64 MB in size)
2015 FallAgenda & Documents
Sea Level Rise
-Sea Level Rise, New, Certain, and Everywhere, Virnstein
-Science to Solutions, Outreach and Education on Coastal Change, Nuttle

Regional Observations
-Indian River Lagoon Observatory Network, Hanisak and Davis
-Smithsonian Vision for Marine Global Earth Observatory (MarineGEO)

International Update, Babb
PhotographAttendee List
2015 Winter Agenda
Briefing Book (PDF, 47 MB)
NAML Resolution, Decadal Survey, FSML
Policy Briefing, Federal Science Partners, NAML
NOAA Libby Jewett Briefing to NAML
NOAA Louisa Koch Briefing to NAML
NSF Charles Liarakos Briefing to NAML
NSF Jill Kartsen Briefing to NAML
NSF Rick Murray Briefing to NAML
OBFS Sarah Oktay Briefing to NAML
 Attendee List
2014 Joint OBFS/NAML Meeting Agenda
- Able - Understanding Larval Fish Ingress into Estuaries
- Arsuffi - Communicating Science
- Kinkade - Enabling Decision Making
- Porter - Role of Environmental Monitoring and Data Management, Case Study
- Sosik - Insights from Multiscale Plankton Time Series
- Voss - Small Drones for Science
Meeting PhotographAttendee List
2014 Winter Agenda
- Oldaker Group: Federal budget and policy developments
- Moran: Strengthening America’s Ocean Economy
- 2014 Public Policy Work Plan for federal FY15
2013 FallAgenda
- Shimmield: Bigelow Laboratory
- Jacob: Cyberinfrastructure Frameworks
- Kido: InteleSense Wireless Sensor Monitoring
- Oldaker Group: Outlook for Federal R and D
- Hagedorn: Marine Global Earth Observatories
- DeLuca: Enhancement of Sentinel Site Capacity
2013 WinterAgenda
2012 Winter  Meeting Photograph 
2011 FallMinutesMeeting Materials Attendee List
2009 FallMinutes    
2008 WinterAgenda   
2007 FallMinutes    
2005 FallAgenda
2005 WinterMinutes   

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