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Students interested in marine science and related fields benefit tremendously from the hands-on experience provided by research and internship experiences. Students not only gain in-depth knowledge in specific topics, but become familiar with some of the equipment and technology used in various disciplines and become aware of the day-to-day activities of scientists and thus the business of science. Sometimes career paths are as much a process of elimination as one of selection!

Most marine laboratories offer internships and research experiences, usually during the summer. One of the premiere programs is the National Science Foundation’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program ( Many NAML labs have active REU programs. These internships typically charge no fees and provide travel, housing, and a stipend of several thousand dollars directly to the student.

Individual marine laboratories may also offer research or education and outreach internships, funded from other sources. These internships vary in topic, duration, stipend, housing availability, and daily activities (field or lab-based). Students should read the listings carefully and take the time to contact the internship supervisor to make an informed decision.

Finally, since acceptance to these programs can be very competitive. Applicants often must demonstrate academic achievement, provide an essay, and supply letters of reference. For more information on resume building and preparing successful applications, as well as general strategies for success, especially for underrepresented minorities (African, Hispanic, Pacific Island Americans and American Indians), we recommend exploring and using the tools provided at the Pathways to Ocean Science website (

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Note that internships and research experiences are uploaded by individual NAML labs. If you do not see a listing of interest, be sure to check the web site of an individual laboratory. To find a NAML lab near you, go to

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