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The increasing pace of discovery in marine science and related fields makes professional development a necessity for educators. Professional development can be self-directed or it can occur in a formal classroom/lab setting. It may be available for credit or it may simply offer contact hours (CEUs, PLUs, etc.). It may be completed virtually or take place at a NAML lab.

Opportunities for professional development at NAML laboratories can be found in two different places.

  1. Courses. Some courses may be appropriate for professional development. Click here and sort by Educator (K-12), but check all courses.

  2. Internship & Research Experiences. Click here and sort by Educator (K-12), but check all research opportunities.

Note that courses, internships, and research experiences are uploaded by individual NAML labs. If you do not see a listing of interest, be sure to check the web site of an individual laboratory. To find a NAML lab near you, go to

NAML Member benefit. NAML Member laboratories can submit professional development opportunities for educators, as well as job and research opportunities.


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