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Salt Marsh Ecology - Dauphin Island Sea Lab
This field experience transports middle and high school students to a local salt marsh and through hands-on activities, students learn basic ecological principles, local Gulf coast flora and fauna, how scientists collect data, the value of the salt ...

ROVing the Gulf - Dauphin Island Sea Lab
This field experience allows middle and high school students the opportunity to design and build their own ROV, fly their ROV in a pool or marine environment all while learning about the deep environments of the Gulf of Mexico. All our field ...

BIOLOGY 273LA. Marine Ecology - Duke University Marine Laboratory
BIOLOGY 273LA. Marine Ecology (Graduate # Biology 773LA) Factors that influence the distribution, abundance, and diversity of marine organisms. Course structure integrates lectures, field excursions, lab exercises and an independent project. ...

LIT 390SA.Picturing Nature: Photography And Theory - Duke University Marine Laboratory
LIT 390SA. Picturing Nature: Photography And Theory In this course, students will develop a solid foundation in visual theory and environmental theory, responding through the practice of photography. Part of class will be devoted to discussing ...

BIO 175LA. Introductory Marine Biology - Duke University Marine Laboratory
This course focuses on the biology of marine systems, emphasizing field experiences and hands-on activities. It begins with basic physical characteristics of the world’s oceans and the basic processes of life. It then covers diversity of life in ...

Marine Conservation Summer Institute - Duke University Marine Laboratory
For registration purposes, undergraduates enrolling in the Marine Conservation Summer Institute will enroll in both of the following two courses: Graduate Course #: Environ 746A Environ 346A/Pubpol 246A Marine Conservation Policy – a ...


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