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Marine Biology - University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Lab
An ecological approach is taken to understand the biology of marine systems with emphasis on local organisms; their habitats, life cycles and survival strategies. Prerequisites: Two semesters of biology or permission of instructor. COA 301, 301L: ...

Seagrass Biology and Ecology - University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Lab
This course offers an in-depth study of the biology and ecology of seagrasses and seagrass ecosystems. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the unique aspects of seagrasses that allow their proliferation in the marine environment, and the ...

Field and Lab Techniques in Marine Fisheries - University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Lab
This course will introduce students to the principles of fishery survey design, field techniques, and laboratory procedures. The course will consist of lectures, field trips in estuarine and marine environments, and laboratory exercises to provide ...

Dolphin and Whale Behavior - University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Lab
Students will learn tools and techniques used in the systematic observation and documentation of delphinid behavior in the wild. Course includes both classroom lecture and field studies focused primarily on dolphins of the Mississippi Sound. ...

Coastal Herpetology - University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Lab
The coastal plain of the Southeast boasts an outstanding diversity of amphibians and reptiles, making the region an excellent place to study these often reclusive and elusive creatures. This course provides students with an introduction to ...

Barrier Island Ecology - University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Lab
This field course will familiarize students with concepts of coastal ecology with emphasis on the diversity of plant and animal communities unique to the northern Gulf of Mexico barrier island ecosystem. Field excursions to barrier islands off ...

Salt Marsh Ecology - Dauphin Island Sea Lab
This field experience transports middle and high school students to a local salt marsh and through hands-on activities, students learn basic ecological principles, local Gulf coast flora and fauna, how scientists collect data, the value of the salt ...

ROVing the Gulf - Dauphin Island Sea Lab
This field experience allows middle and high school students the opportunity to design and build their own ROV, fly their ROV in a pool or marine environment all while learning about the deep environments of the Gulf of Mexico. All our field ...

BIOLOGY 273LA. Marine Ecology - Duke University Marine Laboratory
BIOLOGY 273LA. Marine Ecology (Graduate # Biology 773LA) Factors that influence the distribution, abundance, and diversity of marine organisms. Course structure integrates lectures, field excursions, lab exercises and an independent project. ...

LIT 390SA.Picturing Nature: Photography And Theory - Duke University Marine Laboratory
LIT 390SA. Picturing Nature: Photography And Theory In this course, students will develop a solid foundation in visual theory and environmental theory, responding through the practice of photography. Part of class will be devoted to discussing ...

BIO 175LA. Introductory Marine Biology - Duke University Marine Laboratory
This course focuses on the biology of marine systems, emphasizing field experiences and hands-on activities. It begins with basic physical characteristics of the world’s oceans and the basic processes of life. It then covers diversity of life in ...

Marine Conservation Summer Institute - Duke University Marine Laboratory
For registration purposes, undergraduates enrolling in the Marine Conservation Summer Institute will enroll in both of the following two courses: Graduate Course #: Environ 746A Environ 346A/Pubpol 246A Marine Conservation Policy – a ...


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