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Pelagic Ecosystem Function in the San Juan Archipelago

Target Audience: Undergraduate Student
Graduate Student

Institution: University of Washington, Friday Harbor Laboratories

Institutional Web Link:

Course Description: Ocean 492. Now in its 15th year, this very successful apprenticeship, Pelagic Ecosystem Function (PEF), uses the natural laboratory of the waters in the San Juan Archipelago to investigate the workings of a unique pelagic (open water) ecosystem. Friday Harbor is an ideal place for pelagic ecosystem studies because here, inputs from oceanic realms and major river systems are mixed by powerful tidal currents, creating an oceanographically complex habitat that supports a diverse community of plankton, fishes, seabirds, and marine mammals.For this apprenticeship, we will use university research vessels to examine the patterns, interactions, and links among all the components of this complex marine ecosystem, to understand how oceanographic processes shape the spatial and temporal patterns of open water biotic communities. Our goal is to gather data to document ecosystem trends and to teach you methods that you can use throughout your career. To achieve this, we help you design and implement an independent but integrated research project that is the keystone of this program.

Course Fees and Expenses: TBD. See:

Scholarships, Fellowships, Associated with the Course:

Funding Source: None

How to Apply:

Application Closing Date: 07/01/2018

Course Begins: 2018-09-26

Course Ends: 2018-12-07


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