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Marine Botany: Diversity and Ecology

Target Audience: Undergraduate Student
Graduate Student

Institution: University of Washington, Friday Harbor Laboratories

Institutional Web Link:

Course Description: FHL 446. The theme of the course is principles, methods, and applications of marine algal biodiversity studies with a focus on the macroalgae of marine benthic environments.
Students will learn classical and contemporary methods for the identification, classification, and phylogenetic analysis of marine benthic algae (seaweeds); the theories underlying the methods, and the application of biodiversity information in (for example) benthic ecology. They will gain practical experience in such tools as: specimen collection, preservation, microscopy, DNA isolation and sequencing, computational approaches to phylogeny reconstruction, DNA barcoding, and databasing. Fieldwork will be extensive, as the diverse and species-rich habitats around San Juan Island provide ideal sites for the examination of macroalgal diversity.

Course Fees and Expenses: TBD. See:

Scholarships, Fellowships, Associated with the Course: See

Funding Source: None

How to Apply:

Application Closing Date: 03/01/2018

Course Begins: 2018-06-11

Course Ends: 2018-07-13


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