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Biological Oceanography

Target Audience: Undergraduate Student

Institution: Oregon State University Hatfield Marine Science Center

Institutional Web Link:

Course Description: OC 440. BIOLOGICAL OCEANOGRAPHY (4 credits).
An advanced examination of the ocean as an ecosystem with emphasis on the processes affecting the production and structure of oceanic communities. Starting with the physical and chemical characteristics of the ocean environment, lectures and labs examine the flow of energy and matter from primary producers through primary consumers up to higher trophic levels. Microbial and benthic processes are examined. Current topics, such as hypoxia, ocean acidification and harmful algal blooms are discussed.

Course Fees and Expenses: In State Tuition Rates for Summer Session

Scholarships, Fellowships, Associated with the Course: Housing Scholarships

Funding Source: None

How to Apply: Oregon State University Summer Session

Application Closing Date: 06/01/2017

Course Begins: 2017-06-26

Course Ends: 2017-07-21


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