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Biology and Conservation of Marine Mammals

Target Audience: Undergraduate Student

Institution: Oregon State University Hatfield Marine Science Center

Institutional Web Link:

Course Description: BI/FW 302. BIOLOGY AND CONSERVATION OF MARINE MAMMALS (4 credits).
An examination of the biology of whales, pinnipeds, and other marine mammals, include general adaptations to a marine existence; systematics and biogeography; reproduction; diving physiology; communication and echolocation; feeding and migratory behavior; and marine mammal/human interactions, including conservation issues.

Course Fees and Expenses: In State Tuition Rates for Summer Session

Scholarships, Fellowships, Associated with the Course: Housing Scholarships

Funding Source: None

How to Apply: Oregon State University Summer Session

Application Closing Date: 06/01/2017

Course Begins: 2017-06-26

Course Ends: 2017-07-21


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