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Ocean Acoustics and its application in Oceanography

Target Audience: Undergraduate Student
Graduate Student

Institution: MESC/Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Institutional Web Link:

Course Description: This course gives a practical guide to learn acoustic propagation basics and acoustical applications in oceanography. It focuses on basic principles, usage of acoustic models and tools, and hands-on practices, instead of lengthy theoretical development. A Matlab software package will be distributed to the students. The software package includes 1) a ray-based acoustic model, 2) acoustic signaling methods, and 3) acoustic processing tools. Centered on the software package, the course utilizes a mix of teaching strategies: lectures, computer demonstrations, and field trips, to build studentsí knowledge and skills. Two research cruises in the Gulf of Mexico are planned for the students to practice their learned skills. The first trip will collect acoustic measurements for ray-based modeling when the research vessel is anchored at a few stations. The second trip will collect acoustic measurements when the research vessel moves around for Doppler effects and echo sounding. The course covers 1) acoustic propagation basics, 2) ray-based models, 3) signaling and processing methods, 4) ocean ambient noise, 5) sound impacts on marine mammals, 6) Doppler effects and eco-sounding, which are the principles of two common oceanographic instruments, ACDPs and multi-beam SONARs, respectively .

Funding Source: Other

How to Apply: Apply and register online:

Application Closing Date: 07/03/2017

Course Begins: 2017-08-04

Course Ends: 2017-08-04


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