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Marine Geology

Target Audience: Undergraduate Student

Institution: Chincoteague Bay Field Station

Institutional Web Link:

Course Description: MAR/GEL 366

This course explores sedimentary and tectonic characteristics of the continental margins and deep ocean basins; principles and processes of sediment transport and deposition in the marine environment; marine mineral resources; barrier island migration and coastal erosion; and applications of geological and geophysical methods at sea. This is a hands-on, field-intensive course. A significant amount of course time is spent in the field (both on and offshore) collecting data and samples and making observations. Students will then work in the laboratory to further identify and analyze field collected data.

This course also includes an overnight , weekend, camping field trip where we will explore the geology of Chesapeake Bay, learn about the meteor impact that created it, visit the Calvert Marine Museum, and hunt fossils in the Miocene age Calvert Cliffs.

Course Fees and Expenses: $922 Field Station fee

Funding Source: None

How to Apply: Visit:

Application Closing Date: 07/01/2017

Course Begins: 2017-07-23

Course Ends: 2017-08-09


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