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NAML's Regional Structure

The National Association of Marine Laboratories (NAML) consists of three (3) regional organizations in the United States of America, which have their own separate but similar articles of organization and bylaws. The three regional organizations are: the Northeastern Association of Marine & Great Lakes Laboratories (NEAMGLL), the Western Association of Marine Laboratories (WAML), and the Southern Association of Marine Laboratories (SAML). Laboratories located on the Great Lakes are here defined as marine laboratories and are eligible for membership in NEAMGLL and NAML.

NAML membership can include marine laboratories operated by state, university, and other non-profit organizations in the United States, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam. Marine laboratories are defined as those shore-based laboratory facilities directly accessing the marine environment or Great Lakes or other facilities or academic entities that are partially or primarily focused on marine research, education, or outreach.

The regional organizations have two classes of members, regular members and associate members. Regular members of each regional organization automatically belong to NAML upon payment of annual capital contributions, election by the NAML Board of Directors, and ultimate ratification by the NAML membership at a regular meeting. Associate members of the regional associations are those laboratories and non-profit organizations that either do not wish to participate in the national organization or cannot be voting members of the national association because they are Federal laboratories. Associate members belong only to the regional association and are not eligible for membership in NAML. It is the intent that the NAML would represent the regional organizations on matters that cannot be resolved at the regional level and matters of mutual interest that should be presented by NAML in behalf of all regional organizations on the national level.

Typically there is an annual meeting of the NAML membership in Washington, DC. Annual regional meetings occur either associated with the national meeting or at other times throughout the year.


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