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NAML Board of Directors 2016 (

Michael De Luca, President 2016-2017,

Robert Cowen, Vice-President/President-Elect 2016-2017,

Nancy Rabalais, Past President 2016-2017,

Sandra Gilchrist, Secretary, Ex Officio (non-voting),

Billie Swalla, Treasurer, Ex Officio (non-voting),

Northeastern Association of Marine and Great Lakes Laboratories (NEAMGLL)

Graham Shimmield, NEAMGLL President,

J. Val Klump, NEAMGLL Past President,

Ivar Babb

Guy A. Meadows

Southern Association of Marine Laboratories (SAML)

Aswani Volety, President,

Quinton White, President-Elect,

Lou Burnett, Past President,

Sandra Gilchrist

Western Association of Marine Laboratories (WAML)

Stephen Weisberg, WAML President,

Billie Swalla, WAML President-elect

Brain Tissot

Dean Wendt

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