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NAML Board of Directors 2016 (

Michael De Luca, President 2016-2017,

Robert Cowen, Vice-President/President-Elect 2016-2017,

Nancy Rabalais, Past President 2016-2017,

Sandra Gilchrist, Secretary, Ex Officio (non-voting),

Billie Swalla, Treasurer, Ex Officio (non-voting),

Northeastern Association of Marine and Great Lakes Laboratories (NEAMGLL)

Dave Carlon, NEAMGLL President,

J. Val Klump, NEAMGLL Past President,

Alan Kuzirian, NEAMGLL Secretary/Treasurer,

Ivar Babb

Guy A. Meadows

William Wise

Southern Association of Marine Laboratories (SAML)

Aswani Volety, President,

Quinton White, President-Elect,

Lou Burnett, Past President,

Sandra Gilchrist

Western Association of Marine Laboratories (WAML)

Stephen Weisberg, WAML President,

Billie Swalla, WAML President-elect

Brain Tissot

Dean Wendt

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